Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger


There wasn't ever really much doubt as to whether it was worth upgrading bopeepsheep to a permanent account. I had far less reason to upgrade my own account (as, for reasons which will remain obscure to those not in the know, the alleged existence of a paid-account-fairy meant that it hasn't recently been costing me a full $25 per year to maintain my paid status) but in the end I did so anyway because I decided that I didn't want there to come a point a couple of years down the line when I regret not having obtained a permanent account when they were available, as you never know if or when there will be another sale. Incidentally I do believe it's sometimes still possible to earn one on merit (for example, by winning the recent Styles contest) though it would be wrong to expect such a reward, however much you contribute to the running of the site.

It's not that I'm rich, incidentally — rather that the $300 (less the value of a couple of small LiveJournal coupons we still had left over) is to my current credit card balance as a drop in the ocean. But never mind, as I can still at least pretend to be solvent for a good few months yet…

But anyway, here I am, with 13 icons and 87 to go before I run out of space. Who wants about 14 months' worth of paid time?

Poll #513760 Paid time

Do you?


If so, why? Would you like to nominate anyone else?

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