Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

WRGPT: going down…

Js 8h: Fold. As I've mentioned, by the time the flop arrived there were three players in for $1200 each. Two people stayed in at the turn for a further $3000 each. The board was: 6c Qs 2c Jh. Player 1 bet $200; player 2 shoved his whole stack in, and player 1 promptly folded.
3s 2h: Easy fold, though the eventual winner of the $1550 pot won with Ace High and I'd have had a pair of threes.
4d 9c: Fold.
8d Jc: Fold.
As 6d: I shoved in a small raise of $100 to test the water. Three players stayed in, but the flop missed (7d 5s Kd) and I folded to a bet of $1000. Eventual winner had two pair, so I'd have been beat anyway.
Jd 8d: Fold.
4d 5d: Suited connectors, but pretty poor ones. I limped in to the flop (Kh Qd 7s) then folded.
Qc 4s: I played terribly. I was the big blind and could have had a free flop with three other players, but decided to shove another $400 in to see who folded. Every one of them called. Flop was 10c 3h Qd. OK, I made my pair of queens, but small blind reckoned he had me beat and has bet $500. I called. Stupid! It's just giving him a free card. He shoved $1200 in on the next round, and I called it quits. He had way more money than me and I couldn't afford to call his bluff — maybe if it had been the other way round I'd have seen him through to the river.
5s 7h: I was small blind, but someone put a $300 bet on the table and it wasn't worth staying in.
9d 2h: Fold. There was no showdown, but the board ended up 6h 6d 5h 9h which might have been interesting.

At this point I have $7950 and there are only two people at the table with less than that.

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