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Scratch this

Well, I said I couldn't park. Today* I attempted to park in a relatively short space behind a van which had one of the back doors open. I should have realised I wasn't going to make it and started again from the beginning, but no I had to go and try to manoeuvre in about two inches of space (the problem being that my rear wheels were too close to the kerb). As I finally got there I brushed past the open door of the van. It wasn't until I got out of the car that I noticed I hadn't brushed past at all: the door had made a nice white scrape across the driver's side front wing. And we have had this car all of 11 days. :-(

Just then (after the scrape had happened but before I had got the car in some semblance of parkedness) the owner of the van came out and started trying to help. How embarrassing. (At least I got him to close the door and give me a bit more room.)

*not strictly speaking, as this entry is being typed retrospectively and backdated
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