Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Weekend update

Addendum: I remembered what we did on January 29: we went to bopeepsheep's favourite needlework shop in Burford, then back via Witney where smallclanger got dropped off to have a play at Granny's while we went home ostensibly to tidy up. I can't remember how much tidying up actually happened, but later we went back to Witney and ordered Chinese food.

12 February: After we took our time getting up, I went on a little shopping trip with smallclanger to try to get him to sleep. I took a bunch of newspapers to the recycling centre and carried on to Argos where I picked up a catalogue and a coat-hanger-shoe-rack thing to go in the hall (and I still think it's too wide to get past properly, but never mind). Then back past Sainsbury's for a few items and to put some cans in the can bank (because ridiculously it looks like they have stopped collecting them at the recycling centre) and to B&Q for some shelves, and finally back home for a late lunch. And the boy didn't go to sleep until some time after lunch, at which point the coat-hanger-shoe-rack thingy was taken out of the box and constructed.

13: After lunch we set off towards Wolverhampton to see buzzy_bee and muttster. This mostly turned into a visit to Makro and a pub dinner with some knitting. :-)

19–20: Tried to do some tidying up, but nothing much happened. I took some more newspapers to the little recycling bit outside Tesco. I managed to lose a bike light, but it turned up this evening on a sofa with the phone.

This morning smallclanger stayed in his own bed and didn't wake up until 7.45am (though I had had to settle him at about midnight and again at about 2am). It was somewhat unusual to wake up and realise he wasn't in our bed.
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