Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Some events

Apparently what happened on Wednesday was that one of the two cables bringing electricity into our building shorted out or went wrong in some way. By mid-afternoon they had managed to get the remaining one switched on (though getting all the servers turned back on is another matter entirely), but until Friday morning the building was on half power. On Friday they repaired it, and it took most of the day. No one was allowed in except those directly involved in getting the power back on again, so the rest of us had another free day off.

Friday morning turned into an extended bath morning for smallclanger and bopeepsheep. In the afternoon we went out and bought some more shelves for the spare room, and various other random stuff, and after we got back I think I finished painting the bathroom (unless that was Wednesday). And I mowed the lawn.

On Saturday (19th) we set off for Cambridge using the Northampton route. We didn't seem to hear back from people we might have been going to visit, so we stopped at the Little Chef next door to our Travelodge for a leisurely lunch, taking us up to check-in time. So we dumped our things and then set out to hoiho's party where smallclanger had a fun time opening and closing the patio doors and trying to run up and down the steep incline in the back garden. Various other things happened, including lots of people playing musical instruments. After 9pm smallclanger started to get tired, so we took our leave, just as some other bits of minor drama were coincidentally also going on. I managed to get the car out of the driveway eventually, and we went back to the Travelodge to put baby, and ourselves, to bed — but not until after I had been sent back out to buy sandwiches and burgers because we realised we had somehow failed to eat anything other than chocolate mini-eggs and nibbles since lunch time.

On Sunday after breakfast we headed out towards land_girl's house, arriving (via a small detour to buy a newspaper because we seemed to be early) at about 12.30. This time smallclanger and bisonbaby didn't have to fight over the pushchair because they had one each. We had a jolly nice roast dinner cooked by bisonfish. Not long after that it was time for bisonbaby's nap, but smallclanger wasn't looking very sleepy. We went out to try the big trampoline, but smallclanger seemed rather nervous, so we walked a bit further out and fed the chickens. When that was done smallclanger was a bit braver and had a bit of a bounce with R (who isn't called bisondaughter, though that would be logical) and her friend.

And then we drove home, not via Rugby.

Three-day weeks do have their advantages. The lab is traditionally closed on Maundy Thursday as well as on Friday and Monday, so we get to take three days out of our annual leave entitlement. Putting up shelves and trying to move piles of junk out of the living room were our rather boring activities for the long weekend, though we also went out and bought smallclanger his second set of "first shoes" which light up when he stomps. We did manage to clear a fair amount of space and I was just finishing the hoovering at lunchtime on Saturday when my parents arrived. So we had lunch and smallclanger showed off (as usual) during the afternoon. In the evening we went to the local Beefeater, and then my parents left to go to my brother's house near Cambridge.

On Sunday afternoon we had a brief visit with bopeepsheep's parents, but they were meant to be tidying up so we didn't officially stop for dinner, though we had tea and sandwiches.

Not a lot seemed to happen on Monday, but I mowed the lawn again (just in time before this week's dreary rainy weather arrived).


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