Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

A sixteenth issue?

Some time ago I promised jiggery_pokery an Invariant-related news item. Better late than never, this is it.

I have in my possession (though not ready locateable at this precise moment) a card which states that I have joined the Oxford University Invariant Society for life. In practice I haven't used it much over the last few years, and the society has just changed its constitution to deem me an Associate Member rather than a proper member. (Not me personally, you understand — it applies to all life members who are no longer students of the University.) But I did make good use of that card, because I went to almost all the Tuesday meetings for the seven years that I was a student (excepting one term in 1990) and for a good many years after that, too. There are quite a few past members of the society on LiveJournal, and about half a dozen of those are currently on my Friends list.

In 1994 I was elected Magazine Editor of the society (mainly by virtue of being the only volunteer). It is a post I retained until 2003, when it seems the society decided to elect another in my absence. Some time after my arrival at Oxford but before I became the Magazine Editor, the society had decided to revive its magazine, of which there were apparently 12 previous editions (but I think the latest one had been during the 1970s). Issues 13 and 14 were produced by two of my predecessors, and in 1996 I produced issue 15 — a beautifully crafted work of art if I say so myself. I think two members of my Friends list (besides myself) wrote articles which were included. Sadly, during my record nine years in the post this was the only issue I was able to produce, due to lack of input from the society members at large. Fortunately I do still have all the original source files, and have offered a PDF copy to the society's computer officer for the web archives. There was a member of the society who offered me several articles, which are still in my possession. This was in 1998, and they are to this day the only articles which were contributed towards the hypothetical issue 16 of the magazine.

Anyway, although I no longer go to the meetings I am still on the Invariants' mailing list. Not long ago the Publicity Secretary added a note to his weekly announcement to the effect that the magazine is going to be revived. I am not sure whether the current editor (who replaces the one elected in 2003) appreciates quite what an uphill task this is, but I have arranged to pass on the contributed articles, and there may be some humour value in including the answers to the 1996 issue's crossword puzzle. I'm sure if anyone else feels like writing an article the editor would be pleased to receive any contributions.


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