Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Back on track

…possibly. I think I have read my friends page (though I'm rather behind on Misc) and may even post some proper updates at some point.

Sorry to those whom we didn't see by not going to j4 and addedentry's party at the weekend. As you'll have gathered, bopeepsheep didn't feel fit to travel. So we did a bit of shopping on Saturday morning (and bought smallclanger an inflatable climbing frame, which should be fun) and went to see bopeepsheep's brother's new house in the afternoon. They were just putting a new carpet in the living room (cream coloured — let's hope they never spill anything) so we arrived in time to help them put some furniture back in. On Sunday they visited us to take our spare washing machine and a TV corner unit which I managed to fish out of the loft.

Meanwhile, my joke poll shows that if only LiveJournal users had voted then Thursday night would have been a yellowwash for the Lib Dems.


The two votes for BNP are meant ironically, I presume — and the one on the right is a vote for "other".


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