Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger


For some reason, my ThinkPad T22 sometimes seems to set its AC-power configuration to "maximum battery life" instead of "maximum performance". It does this at some random point while running, and to change it back I have to reboot and go into the BIOS configuration, which is irritating. There exists a utility for Linux which may (or may not) be able to control the ThinkPad configuration, but it won't compile on current kernels. (Also, Fedora Extras seems to have a package for the user-space utility but none for the kernel modules, which is odd because they've built a dependency for the latter into the former.)

What this means: as far as I can tell, the CPU is running at 2/3 of its normal speed. For most purposes that's fairly irrelevant. More irritatingly, if I don't touch anything for about five minutes, the screen turns itself off.

Earlier today, every time I turned the machine off to go into BIOS or to reboot, it failed to turn itself back on again properly, giving a POST signal which means either graphics card failure or RAM failure. Clearly there's nothing spectacularly wrong with either of those, given that I had a month of uptime before today and it's working now.

I suppose that replacing the CMOS battery might be the next task.

(There's another, vaguely related, irritation: apparently if I boot the machine on battery power, when I plug it back in the system clock starts running twice as fast as it should.)

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