Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Independence Day

After the last lot of problems with our power supply, I think the administrator may have been being a bit optimistic when he sent out a circular announcing a major planned network outage for June 6th and adding that:
There is one more disruption planned, but the date for this has yet to be finalised. This final disruption involves rerouting the incoming mains cable and will involve power being turned off for about two hours one morning. We will not close the building this time as the expected power loss is relatively short, however we will probably suggest you come in a little later that morning.

Now that the network rerouting has been completed, the date for the electrical work has been set for July 4th, and the announcement now says "This re-routing will require the complete closure of the building for the whole day."

And all because they are busy digging up the car park in order to plonk a new building on it.


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