Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

A late update

I don't update enough, these days. And I don't post enough pictures.

So, one month ago today buzzy_bee hosted an AN/LJ/MK meet which was supposed to include a barbecue but didn't in the end because of the weather.

bopeepsheep was suffering with her back, and after attempting to get ready to go out she decided to send smallclanger and me by ourselves. Fortunately we weren't too late to have some fun.

[a picture]
smallclanger and matthew_monster eating broccoli

smallclanger got on quite well with his playmates (aside from a small pushing incident towards the end of the afternoon) and was entertained by them for a bit after I got a call from bopeepsheep and disappeared off to borrow the_muttster's computer to order some pizza for her.

Before everyone left, we all went into the garden.

[a picture]
geekette8 with smallclanger, matthew_monster with his Dad, whirlygigwitch's DH, whirlygigwitch with whirlywitchette, tafagirl, buzzy_bee with buzzy_babe, and I'm not sure which DH hiding behind them.

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