Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

September already?

So… the paperwork(protected link) is in and the waiting begins.

Our beloved building contractors dug up the fibre optic cable which provides our network connection yesterday lunchtime. I'm told they pulled it out quite high, stretching it in the process and breaking the cable inside. Apparently one of the builders was about to cut through it when he got sternly told off by our administrator, as if he had done that then the cable would have been several feet too short to splice back together and we would have been cut off for a week. In the end a temporary repair was completed by about 4.20pm. It will have to be fixed properly at some later date.

Once upon a time, someone wrote

There will be an LJ picnic on Jesus Green, Cambridge, UK on Saturday the 3rd of September, from around 2pm. We'll meet toward the town end of Jesus Green. Nobody is organising this, it'll just happen. Please turn up, be sensible, bring food and drink, meet new people, have fun.
Please tell me you haven't all forgotten about it before we drive there and turn up to an empty field. ;-)

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