Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

imc needs a meme

I never write anything in here these days, so what the hey…

IMC Needs To Shine The Spotlight On Terrorists
Sheffield IMC needs your dosh !!!
Cincinnati IMC needs volunteer reporters, Camcorder-ists, photogs, Webcast hosts, producers, radio interviews, et al
Sydney IMC needs it's¹ $$ to start projects
IMC needs volunteers to assist in truly reaching out to the large number of cultures that are falling between the cracks in the healthcare system.
IMC needs your help to provide humanitarian assistance around the world, twelve months a year.
IMC needs to have your textbook order a minimum of two to three months
The dirt inside the IMC needs to be cleaned first
IMC needs your help to keep up the fight in the next few weeks.

Ian needs about $400000 set aside now to cover his future needs.
Ian Needs an Old Man's Cane.
Ian needs to record the stocking of pond P 7.
Ian needs a wife merely to secure his fortune
Ian needs to start wearing NIN shirts.
Ian needs to be sure to practice that drive to the hospital over and over
Ian needs to wash his mouth out with soap after that one.
Ian needs to earn at least $160 for the trip.
Ian Needs Ritalin.

¹Is it?
Tags: meme

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