Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger


I'm still quite glad I joined (after all it's free and only 5–10 minutes a day dealing with email), but it's been a bit of a washout so far. My cards:

4d 5c: obvious fold
7d 4c: fold
10d 3d: fold
7c 9h: fold
Kh 6d: not worth playing as I was first after the blinds. That was the right decision, as the next player raised $100 and the flop was Js Jd 2d.
7c Jc: I was the big blind and got a free flop: 6c 9h 6s. I spent $100 on a bluff, but one guy stayed in and bet another $375 on the turn (10d), so I dropped it.
Ks Qs: I thought it was an early Christmas, but small blind is pretty much the worst position to be in. I raised a $200 bet to $500, but the flop missed entirely (4s 5h Ah). The one remaining player shoved in another $500, and it was someone who hadn't bet anything at all (apart from blinds) in earlier rounds, so I was probably looking at someone with an ace or a decent pocket pair. I folded, but I threw my cards face up in disgust.
6c Qd: I'm last to play (except the blinds) and all previous players folded, so I limped in. Big blind wanted $100 to see the flop — not worth it.

So I'm now down to $9300 — not quite the shortest stack (he has $9175). Go on, tell me I played wrong…

It's a pretty slow table, because the person in front of me seems to be three hours behind Pacific and doesn't do anything till after I've gone to bed, and the person after me is on East coast time so doesn't start till the next afternoon.

The automatic dealer tells me there are 1259 players left in, which means 30 or so are out. I'm not going to be last, heh.
Tags: wrgpt

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