Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger


The woman on the phone is English, so language isn't a problem (in theory). Order goes in for the meal deal which offers a large pizza, chicken strippers and garlic pizza bread for £14.99. The woman repeats my five toppings back to me: roast chicken, tandoori chicken, sweetcorn, green peppers and jalapeño peppers (apparently I confused her with that last one by pronouncing it properly, and she had to ask a colleague what it was). I say "Can I pay by Visa?"; she says "yes" and hangs up. I rush out to get some cash and get bread and milk while I'm out.

I get back and the pizza has already arrived. It says "0.00" on the outside, which means it has (well, should have) been paid for. There are no side orders. bopeepsheep has opened the box and discovered that the toppings are: roast chicken, green peppers, jalapeño peppers and tuna(!).

So we ended up with a free pizza. It wasn't bad, actually. (We did pay for and receive our original order too, though they had accidentally dropped a couple of pineapple chunks on it, which isn't ideal because bopeepsheep is allergic.)

(WRGPT continued…)
I folded an offsuit J8 earlier. Good move — there are now three people still in with $1200 each on the table and the flop was Q62 with two of the same suit.
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