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Our kitchen is a bit of a funny shape. It's got the utility room taking a big chunk out of one corner, and the stair overhang taking a big chunk out of the opposite corner. Not only that, but there's a strange recess where the hall gets narrower — I'm not sure why the designers thought the kitchen needed that bit of extra space, because it's difficult to make good use of it, and anyway the narrow hall is quite difficult to get large items of furniture through (when I first moved in I had ordered a suite from Argos, and they had to take it back and give me a refund because they couldn't get it through the front door). So the kitchen, when empty, would look a bit like this:

If you had graphics, you'd see a plan of a kitchenhere.
[PDF] [xfig]

The utility room probably used to go all the way across the back of the kitchen, but the previous occupants knocked some of the wall down to give more room to the kitchen. It's where I originally put a dining table, though it's a bit of a squeeze to fit four people round it. The table is now under the stairs (and full of junk), so now no people can sit round it.

Because of the wall having been originally there, there's a vertical beam of some sort attached to the wall where the stair overhang disappears into the ceiling, which goes all the way down to the floor. This makes it difficult to put furniture flat against that wall, though currently we've got storage units either side and a CD tower in between. There's another one of these beams near the strange recess (bottom right in the diagram). Could this mean there was once another wall partitioning off a tiny kitchen from a tiny dining room? If so, I don't blame the person who knocked that wall down.

The occupant before me installed the kitchen cupboards himself, and seemed quite proud of them. The sink is under the window and the cupboards fill the corners either side and go along the walls, leaving just enough room for a cooker and a fridge. Actually, there's a bit of space between the fridge and the cupboard, where we currently have a pan-stand. The cupboards below the worktops are mirrored by cupboards mounted on the walls. Here is what the kitchen looked like once I'd moved in, which is pretty much what it looks like now (minus the wall-mounted cupboards, and the shelves and storage units in the "dining" area):

If you had graphics, you'd see another plan of akitchen here.
[PDF] [xfig]

It's not a dream kitchen — but I rather doubt you could fit a dream kitchen into this shape. I don't actually use the corner cupboards for much except junk (bags and packing on the left, cans and jars for recycling on the right), but this layout served me well for five years. Then a ton of junk was deposited in the kitchen, and it's never been the same since.

So now bopeepsheep is saying it's a horrible kitchen and wants to redesign it to include more useable storage space and a dishwasher (which is currently exiled to the utility room). The question is: where on earth can we put everything?

Perhaps I should launch a "kitchen design competition". Sadly I don't think we can afford any prizes, but the winner can be the first person to eat a meal cooked in the new kitchen, or something. :-)  The diagrams in this post are moderately accurately to scale (though to be honest it's pretty hard to measure anything accurately in the kitchen with all the junk in there).

There you have it. Any help appreciated…


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