Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

WRGPT: going up!

6s 7c: It's not good, but at least they connect and I have the best seat (aside from the dealer who is on vacation). There were no raises, so I saw the flop: 7h 3c 2c. A pair — and given how low the other cards are and that no one bothered betting, it's probably the best hand in the game. It's also two draws from a straight and two draws from a flush — not the sort of odds you'd normally bet on (plus the flush is no good if another player happens to have a club higher than the 7), but it's worth making the game more interesting. Small blind bets $500, after which the other two players fold. I whack in $2000 as I'd rather not see any more cards if I can help it. The next card up was 4c — now one draw from a flush and a gutshot straight draw to boot. It's very unlikely to have improved the other player's hand given that I still have a pair, but he decides to go all-in anyway. I call — he's one of the two players who have less money than I do. It turned out he'd had a pair of fours with an Ace kicker, but the last card on the board was… 9c. Yes, I made my flush, and the other guy didn't &mdash bye bye! I have netted $6225 and am looking much more healthy now.

9c 9s: Not bad. I put in an advance action to raise $500, and two players called. Flop: 3d 2h 3s, and checked to me. I'm in an excellent position with two pairs and weak opponents — all I have to do now is avoid flopping any high cards that might pair them up. A $1000 bet forced one of them out. The turn was a seven — great, another low card and there are no flush draws or straight draws on the board. After that there were no more bets — after my opponent had called twice I decided he was unlikely to be forced out, and he clearly didn't bet because he didn't have the cards. The last card on the board was a queen — danger, but the odds were in my favour. His hand turned out to be K4s and I netted $2350. This hand was dealt on Saturday and finished this evening.

Current standings at table b30:

Player 1: $13975
Player 2:  $9550
Player 3: $10675
Player 4:  $8975
Player 5:  $9525
Player 6: $11225
Player 7: $12725
imc:   $16525
Player 9:  $6825
Player 10 (is no more)
1098 players left in the tournament.

Go me!

Tags: wrgpt

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