Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

So we came back

Friday — drove to land_girl's house to see everyone and had fish and chips.

Saturday — picked up our camera which we accidentally left there last time and set off up the A1. A walk around a shopping area in Durham and lunch from Subway. Arrived at our B&B in Edinburgh about 8 hours after we had set off. Went to IKEA but arrived about a minute after the restaurant closed, so we got our meatballs and chips from the take-out bit instead. Went to my cousin's house to see the baby, along with my other two cousins and their SOs and my aunt.

Sunday — a brief trip to pick up some essentials from the nearby shopping centre, then a 10-minute drive to park in the multi-storey near St Mary's Cathedral and walk round John Lewis (particularly the knitting bit). Sat outside for a bit, then saw the people coming out of mass and went inside to the Cathedral's café to chat to the relatives while the baby got changed into her christening outfit. Saw baby get water poured on her head, took pictures. Drove back to the house for food and general meet&greet. Took more pictures. Went to IKEA to look at kitchens, had a bit of tea and went to bed fairly early (we were both ready, even if smallclanger wasn't).

Monday — set off at 10am after breakfast. Lunch at Gretna Gateway outlet village (where, conveniently enough, there is a Subway. And a Cadbury's). Arrived at my parents' at about 3, said hello and played with their Russian dolls (well, smallclanger did). Sprinted down the M6 to buzzy_bee's house to say hello and look at a kitchen. Went to IKEA (is there a theme developing here?), had tea in their restaurant, bought some stuff and came home.

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