Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

WRGPT — in which nothing much happens

I'm writing these mainly so that when it's over I can decide whether there's a definite point where it all started going wrong.

4h As: Was worth calling for $100, but after a T98 flop it wasn't worth calling a $500 bet.
7h 2s: Fold — eventual winner had a club flush headed by the ace. We went to Edinburgh so I sent in a vacation command. They managed to play three hands while I was away.
Jh 4d (vacation): Only one player bothered betting, and thus stole the blinds and antes.
8d 4h (vacation): I wouldn't have bothered with this hand anyway.
7d 6h (vacation): Nor this one. One player (whom we'll call BL) went all-in, another (DK) called with the message "Here's a donation. Enjoy it." The all-in player flopped a pair on the river — without that he'd have lost.
Ac 8c: First after the blinds is not a great position to be in, but I chipped in anyway. Two other players limped in and big blind checked. No bets on the flop, which was 5d Js 6d. For some reason I called a $400 bet on the turn (which was 5c), probably believing that it was a bluff. The river paired my 8, so I stuck in another $500 and my opponent folded. Net gain: $975.
9c Ad: Big blind, and I got a free flop. It missed (7c 3h Js) and it wasn't worth $1800 to continue. Everyone else folded, too, including DK, this time with the message "please make sure you keep my chips warm for me. Thanks." The winner was (of course) BL.
Jd 6c: Fold (to some early raises).
Qc 4c: Worth limping in, I thought. The only other player was the big blind, and he only had 82 offsuit so neither of us put any money down. But the final board had four spades on it, so he won with his mighty two of spades.
Qs 7c: Fold.
Jc Kd: It cost me $600 to see the flop, which was T65 rainbow, so I didn't pay another $1200 to see the turn.
4h 10h: Fold. As mentioned previously, a player was eliminated by three nines on the river. That player was DK.
3h 9s: Fold.
7s 10h: Fold. First hand on the new table, and the hand number jumped from 33 to 53.
7d 3c: Fold (I was the big blind but didn't get a free flop).
7c 4h: Fold. I'm beginning to wonder if there are too many sevens in this deck.
Kc 9d: Fold. (I didn't get a seven, but two of them were first out on the board.)
Js 7s: Fold. It was tempting, but I'm trying to play a tight game to begin with on the new table. One person only had $25 left and so was all-in from the start. One other person called. Mine didn't seem to be a strong enough hand, especially since a showdown was guaranteed. The flop proved me right by missing entirely (5c 10h Kc). In the event, not one but two players were eliminated by a measly pair of fours — and the last card dealt had been a jack. But never mind, eh.
3s 8s: Fold. This one hasn't quite finished, but only two players stayed in and the board now has three fours and a queen on it. One player wants us to think he has a four in his hand and has bet $3000.

Update: it was in fact a full house. A second player also had a full house and bet exactly enough money to make the first player go all-in. He lost that bet, though, as he only had a pocket pair of tens; the first player had paired the board's queen.
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