Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger


Bum. I just lost nearly $5000 and helped someone to double up. Who knew he had a 5 to go with the board's 522? Best I could manage was a four-flush and an open straight. The automatic dealer has stuck its tongue out at me by giving me a 2 and a 5 for the next hand. In the bin they go, then. I'm now sixth out of nine with $11025. Make that $10775 after the blind's been paid.

ETA: I have to go back 18 hands to find an ace. That's not right, is it? In those 18 hands I've had five of: 9, 7; four of: J, 4; three of: Q, 3, 2; two of: K, 10, 5, and one of: A, 8, 6.
Tags: wrgpt

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