Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Bank Holiday

So we went to not one but two IKEAs yesterday, and neither had the legs we wanted (which are Vika Kaj). Apparently Warrington had a single leg of the same or a similar kind (though the web site only lists packs of four), but Wednesbury didn't seem to have any breakfast bar legs at all. So that was a bit rubbish. (We're just looking for the kind of leg you can attach to the bottom of a worktop to make a table, and it wants to be about 87cm high as it's going over the top of a washing machine and a freezer. We're not wedded to IKEA either, but they seemed the most likely to have it.)

This was on our way back from my parents' house, where we were this weekend. The weather was very odd on the journey — hailing one minute, sunny the next. Nothing much of note happened (but we did go to Scan and it was open this time), and we didn't go to see anyone because bopeepsheep got the Lurgy. Parents were suitably impressed by smallclanger's progress, anyway.

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