Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

On behalf of the Neutrality Party

To the people who are getting themselves suspended: do yourselves a favour and change your default icon. Delete your account and leave in a huff if you must, but it benefits nobody if you get suspended. If that happens, all comments you have ever made will instantly vanish. It's just not worth it. So LiveJournal is treating you badly? That sucks, but your refusal to choose another default isn't going to change anything. What use is being in the right if you don't have an account?

To the people who are going out looking for breastfeeding icons to report to LiveJournal Abuse: please grow up and find something worthwhile to campaign about.

To the people who want to mailbomb LiveJournal support: it's not going to achieve anything except making people irritated, and that's not a good way to get anyone to do you a favour. I'm sure LiveJournal is well aware of the issue by now. Don't think you can bypass the Abuse team by opening up a support request — it takes all of two seconds to move it out of support and back to Abuse, and the same goes for webmaster and feedback.

To the LiveJournal Abuse team: You are a decent bunch of people who get a lot of undeserved ire, and I usually find myself supporting your side in arguments. But this has gone too far. Please stop being so trigger-happy and use some discretion. You are currently giving the impression that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. LiveJournal's stated policy on default icons is that icons shouldn't show areola or nipple. Yet on at least one icon whose owner has been threatened with suspension I can't personally see either of those. If you need a microscope to see the areola then it probably isn't going to offend anyone, so give the user the benefit of the doubt. At least two of the icons which LiveJournal Abuse has objected to contain classical art of the kind which you can see in any gallery or classical art textbook. As far as I am aware, children are not forbidden from going to the gallery or reading textbooks in a library. If you can have cartoon porn in a default icon I fail to see the objection to classical art.

To the big bosses: please change the policy already. It's over a week since dougbryan offered to review LiveJournal's policies and it doesn't sound like anything has been done yet (not even someone saying "yep, we reviewed them and the current policies are fine"). I'm not aware of anyone having been morally corrupted by seeing a bit of areola; besides, men have them too and it's apparently completely OK to show those. Also, I know it's not going to get changed but I think the stated policy that you can have any text you like on the icon without it being considered offensive is silly. Which is more offensive: profanity-filled hate speech or a feeding baby with a tiny bit of breast showing?

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