Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Last dungeon

I have to stop playing these now.

But, I beat bopeepsheep! And it was too big to fit in a comment, so I'm posting it instead.

I escaped from the Dungeon of Bopeepsheep!

I killed Helenangel the rat, Naath the minotaur, Keirf the kobold, Katyha the goblin, Burr86 the gelatinous cube, Borusa the cockatrice, Dawna the troll, Oxfordslacker the arch-demon, Nalsa the arch-demon, Dr Atheist the mind flayer, Ailbhe the dragon, Artela the giant spider, Damerell the fire elemental, Kwiltbank the kobold, Mystik00769 the troll, Sarcaustik the rat, Mzdt the minotaur, Soubrette the zombie, Junipertree the troll, Taimatsu the minotaur, Truecatachresis the arch-demon, Damned Colonial the troll, Lackofgravitas the floating eye, Semyl the giant spider, Kerinda the nymph, Lambertman the troll, Anejo the owlbear, Jeweleee the gelatinous cube, Marnameow the minotaur, Livemockingbird the cockatrice, Jpmccusker the mind flayer, Korruptor the gelatinous cube, Angua the fire elemental, Eviltoot the zombie, Gnimmel the kobold, Ericklendl the cockatrice, Catyak the orc, Addedentry the dragon, Bafleyanne the giant spider, Minx Minx the leprechaun, How I Lie the cockatrice, Stacyinthecity the rat, Isihac the rat, Daweaver the arch-demon, Cookwitch the rat, Glitterboy1 the arch-demon, Lisawolf the zombie, Nou the troll, Tin Kitten the minotaur, Scat0324 the orc, Mst3kgirl the floating eye, Fba the arch-demon, Cvantien the dragon, K425 the leprechaun, Clanwilliam the minotaur, Celestialweasel the mind flayer, Land Girl the mind flayer, Smallclanger the cockatrice, Popsock the arch-demon, Whirligigwitch the mind flayer, Nhw the giant spider, Aldabra the kobold, Tobyaw the dragon, Wyckhurst the goblin, Iuil the kobold, Gretchenshah the orc, Lissi0 the troll, Lissie930 the fire elemental, Jentifred the mind flayer, Mahlerfan the mind flayer, Izzles the kobold, Sarbah77 the cockatrice, Bisonbaby the arch-demon, Sandi K the nymph, Sproutling the minotaur, Muffinmich the gelatinous cube, Ahalerz the fire elemental, Mr Gus the kobold, Babyandrew the giant spider, Nou Knits the leprechaun, Charlosmum the goblin, Tea Cantata the leprechaun, Arron Shutt the leprechaun, Buzzy Babe the goblin, Thereyougothen the giant spider, Emilid04 the leprechaun, The Stony 1 the zombie, Mom Jacob the nymph, Gauroth the mind flayer, Nogbad The Bad the floating eye, Rosealare the goblin and Stroppy Cow the nymph.

I looted the Sword of White Hart, the Sceptre of Hedgetrimmers, the Dagger of Yanata, the Dagger of Babies, the Amulet of Idonotlikepeas, the Sword of Velvet, the Wand of Coupling, the Wand of Kasku, the Wand of Saraphale, the Amulet of the Kinks, the Dagger of Oxford Brookes, the Axe of Crunchie, the Sword of Jexia, a Figurine of Lizzip, the Amulet of Magicpointeshoe, the Amulet of New Brunette, the Sceptre of Lnc, the Dagger of Missjudas, the Sceptre of Noro Kureyon, a Figurine of Tomtom And Nico, the Crown of Minniemoll, the Dagger of Party Rings, the Dagger of Radio 4, the Armour of Gihrose, the Crown of Pootle Crouton, a Figurine of Webhill, the Crown of Jenniferciroli, the Sceptre of, the Crown of Charlie Mouse, the Crown of Autopope, the Axe of Jiggery Pokery, the Sword of Rhoticity, the Crown of Hsenag, the Armour of Books, the Sceptre of Imc, the Crown of Radams, the Wand of Chocolate, the Sword of Lusercop, the Sword of Pseudomonas, the Amulet of Mobilemum, a Figurine of Sarah Milwaukee, the Axe of Abbyann, the Axe of Kathypuss, the Crown of Swithy, the Wand of Hairyears, the Wand of Jeff Minter, a Figurine of Ixbaby, the Armour of Kirsch , the Crown of Doctor Mama, the Shield of Hartleyhare, the Dagger of Annekrogers, the Dagger of Linguistics, the Amulet of Oxbridge.tat, the Armour of Depression, the Wand of Pronunciation, the Wand of Word Games, the Wand of Anpreg, the Crown of Mooism, the Sword of Asrana, the Wand of Weddings, the Axe of Aendr, the Sword of Gjm, the Sword of Rangitotogirl, the Crown of Tdcsnowwhite, the Dagger of Radio 4, the Sceptre of Spending Money and 2605 gold pieces.

Score: 3980

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