Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Google makes it into the Oxford English Dictionary

(or… FYI: new words up the wazoo! An anoraky post about the OED, yada yada)

For no particular reason, I found myself reading the most recent list of new entries in the OED¹ the other day and being quite amused by it, as well as intriged at how bad taste could have been missed out before, given that it has been around since 1696.

¹I believe this page is accessible to all, though sadly you have to subscribe, or belong to a subscribing institution, in order to look up any of the words.

There's something there for everyone: Hold 'Em for the poker players; digicam for the photograhpers; body-surfing for the gigsters; free energy for the physicists, and geocache for the, er, geocachers. And only the other day we were talking about cheesesteaks. (I don't think I have any chavs on my Friends list. But at least one person is PG.)

DVD is also in the list, but it seems to have been in the dictionary since 2001. However, rewriteable is new.

I notice they have started using cites from Usenet newsgroups in the quotations section. Though I am more amused by the preface to one of the quotations describing nadger: "Quot. 1967 is from a comedy monologue by the character ‘Rambling Syd Rumpo’, whose material is characterized by the use of nonsense words with a general air of sexual innuendo; the meaning is intentionally vague." (The quote in question is "Now my dearios, I'll tether my nadgers to a grouting pole for the old grey mare is grunging in the meadow.")


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