Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Dinner (a random update)

smallclanger is a bit random about what he eats (like all preschoolers, I suspect). On Tuesday I was desperately trying to get him to eat something before he went to bed, and he refused everything including biscuits and cake. Eventually, his Mummy asked for an ice cream and he decided he would have one too (a Cadbury's bar-type one), though he gave up about two thirds of the way in and donated it to me.

Yesterday we had cottage pie (Tesco's finest — sadly not home made, though it has been known for us to make it). In trying to ascertain what smallclanger wanted for his dinner, we asked him several times if he wanted cottage pie, but he was steadfast in his refusal and decided to have a cheese sandwich instead.

I got a bread roll out for his sandwich, and meanwhile served Mummy's portion of cottage pie with some broccoli. As he watched this, I offered him some broccoli, expecting him to refuse. He did. I then took the dinner up to Mummy, who was upstairs, and he followed me with the bread roll, refusing all offers to have some cheese put into it. I came back downstairs to get my dinner, with some peas.

When I returned, smallclanger was complaining that he hadn't been given any broccoli, so Mummy was feeding him some off her plate. He also eventually ended up eating half my dinner, and then a pack of cheese batons and three mini-sausages from a variety lunchbox, and a piece of cake to finish it all off. (But he didn't eat the bread roll. I did.)

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