Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger


[some time last week]

Good news: I'm on the fastest table. Day 10 and it's already up to hand 8.
Bad news: I'm not getting anywhere — I still have 10000 (I dropped $50 on the big blind and then won it back the very next hand when I was the only player left in who wasn't on vacation).
Good news: At last, I have an ace!
Bad news: My other card is a 3.
Good news: they are the same suit.
Bad news: I'm player 5 and no one came in in front of me. I really ought to fold, but I decided to stay in. It needs to be a multiway pot to make this profitable.
Good news: two of the next three people came in behind me.
Bad news: The dealer raised $250.
Even worse news: I called, then some idiot went all-in. That's $300 down the drain.

Said idiot could in fact be a genius, given that he gained $725 on that hand and $300 on hand 14 where he did the same thing (that time I'd already folded my 76 offsuit). But I think he'll get bitten sooner or later.

There hasn't yet been a showdown out of 14 hands. Sod's law says the hand I try to bluff will be the one that does end in a showdown…
Tags: wrgpt

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