Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Sod's law doesn't hold, for once

Our table has just had its first showdown — on hand 16.

A.N.Other: raise $250
imc: call — no way I'm folding a KJs.
Flop: 2d 5h 3h. Flush draw! Hope the other guy doesn't have A4; seems unlikely though.
ANO: bet $750
imc: raise $1500
ANO: raise another $1500
imc: call. I really hope the next card hits.
Flop: Qh (sound of maniacal laughter in the background)
ANO: check
imc: Ah, sign of weakness. Bet $1000.
ANO: goes all-in.
imc: Only way he can have me beat is if he has Ah and another heart, isn't it? The chances against are astronomical. Why's he still betting? Anyway, with heart in mouth, call. Only about 30 seconds to wait to find out the result.
Flop: 6c
ANO: has a pair of nines. imc nets $9800.

e: And the result arrived before my new cards. :-)
Tags: wrgpt

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