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ukrc meet

Allegedly almost a dozen people will be making their way to Oxford tomorrow morning and all because I commented that I'd find it hard to attend a meet that was any great distance away (or any meet at all if smallclanger was unco-operative). Someone immediately piped up "then it shall be in Oxford" and I kind of felt obliged to name the place (University Parks) since there were no other Oxford residents in the thread. pould is in Oxford, but he posted only once to say "I hadn't heard about this" and hasn't been seen again...

At about 2pm this afternoon I posted to the effect that anyone who wanted my mobile number could email me, and to date precisely no people have responded - including the person to whom I followed-up (I'd have sent it to him if he bothered having an email address anywhere accessible). I hope everyone is confident of where they are going!

Update (13 July): this person did in fact email me, but for some reason the email sat in his outbox instead of being delivered. Oh well - everything turned out OK in the end.

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