Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Stuff that happened

So on Monday 18th I wrote that my temperature was down. I managed to stay off the Lemsip all day, but temperature crept back up during the evening and I took some before going to bed.

On Tuesday I took smallclanger out on the bus to meet his Granny in town. By the time I got there I wasn't feeling too well, and I was instructed by said Granny to get straight back on the bus and go home to bed. So I did.

bopeepsheep set off to the Palace just before I got back, and although the group had quite a long wait before getting on the bus I didn't go and see them off as it was freezing cold and I wasn't really in a fit state to go back out. Instead I took more drugs and lay down on the sofa all day.

For various reasons I'd known for a while that I was unlikely to get a place in the choir that went to the Palace, which is disappointing but not quite as disappointing as it would have been if I'd been looking forward to it and then been unable to go because of being ill. Technically I was on the reserve list so they could have phoned me up in the event that someone else was unable to make it, and I'd have had to say "no, I'm too ill" — now that would have been gutting.

smallclanger was delivered back to me at about 9pm, but fortunately he was asleep so I took him upstairs and dumped him in his bed. bopeepsheep arrived back about an hour later.

Wednesday: More drugs and lying about on the sofa.

Thursday: Same. We had planned to go to the recording of The Now Show Christmas special, but I wasn't fit to go out.

Friday: We had planned to drive up North to my parents', but we postponed it for (at least) a day.

Saturday: Still on drugs, but I survived a leisurely trip to Tesco to get petrol and a few essentials, so we slowly packed the car and were ready to leave at about 6pm. We stopped at services on the way and had a burger, but smallclanger was asleep so he missed out. Traffic was no problem, so we made it in about four hours including the stop.

Sunday: Didn't go out with my parents to church in the morning, but I did go for the afternoon carol service (the first one I'd actually managed to go to this Christmas). bopeepsheep wasn't feeling well and stayed at home. About half way through, smallclanger started crawling about so my Mum took him into the crêche room at the back. He didn't even pay attention when we sang Away in a Manger, which apparently is his favourite carol (or possibly the only one he knows, since they had been singing it at his school).

Christmas Day: I stopped needing the drugs, and my temperature was actually back to normal and the headfuzz went away. The cough and the shortness of breath stayed, though. We opened lots of nice presents, then headed off back to church. smallclanger made a beeline for the crêche room as soon as he was inside, and therefore didn't show anyone the Thomas annual he'd got for Christmas. In the afternoon, smallclanger ignored his Christmas presents and played with eleven old yoghurt pots and a foam ball, and then played Build A Beetle (which wasn't a Christmas present, but it was new to him that weekend). In the evening we had our traditional Christmas dinner and then later helped shadowphiar play with his Wii (which wasn't a Christmas present either).

Boxing Day: smallclanger opened a few more presents, since he didn't actually get through all his on Christmas Day. At about lunchtime we went out to battle the crowds at Middlebrook and discovered to our surprise that there were no supermarkets open. smallclanger got the burger that he'd previously missed out on, and we went to Subway, little realising that there was a huge queue and no parking because Bolton Wanderers were playing at home and all the football fans had arrived. Anyway, once we escaped we drove to the house of k425, oldbloke and youngbloke for the afternoon and had a good time catching up while the two youngsters played together.

Wednesday: We left my parents' to drive back South. Having ignored signs saying there were delays on the M6 we spent about four hours on the motorway instead of 90 minutes or so before finally arriving chez buzzy_bee, the_muttster and buzzy_babe. So we relaxed for half an hour or so before going out for some dinner (to be greeted with signs to the effect that half the meals were unavailable and there was a 45-minute wait for any food — but it turned out OK in the end). After that, the roads were fine as we travelled back home. And discovered a drip coming out of the water tank in the loft, which had seeped through and soaked some things in a cupboard on the landing.

Thursday: Over to bopeepsheep's parents for a festive lunch and yet more presents, as we hadn't had chance to exchange presents with that side of the family before Christmas. More relaxing, then a quick shopping trip for some provisions before having some tea and then coming back home.

Friday: Shopping trip to Wickes for a new ball valve, then fiddling about in the loft to fit it. All seems to be OK, though we haven't yet emptied all the waterlogged stuff out of the cupboard.

Saturday–Sunday: Vegging out, mostly. Going to Tesco or Sainsbury's for the papers. Watching the year's most annoying celebrities. bopeepsheep stayed up most of the night working on New Year's Eve. Late on Sunday afternoon we put the DVD of Cars on, as it had been one of smallclanger's presents. He fell asleep on my lap about 15 minutes before the end. He stayed asleep all evening and then woke up again shortly before 11pm. He saw the New Year in with us and didn't go to bed until about 1am.

New Year's Day: I don't remember anything of note, really. Being tired because of staying up late the previous night and being woken early by smallclanger. Putting up an Ultimate Bird Station in our front garden, as that had been our main present from my parents. As far as I can tell, no bird has yet touched it, though I guess it takes time.

Tuesday: Ah well, back to work. Lunch out with bopeepsheep, smallclanger and elleblue.

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