Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Cards I've binned recently

6s 2d
9s 5s [1]
3h 4s [2]
4h Js [3]
7c 7h [4]
9d 5d [5]
4s As [6]
As 3h [7]
7c Jd
7d 9h
5h 4c [8]
5s Kh [9]
7c 3s
Jd 5h
7h Qd
Qs 6c [10]
Ah 7s [11]
4s 6c
5d 7h

[1] Called initially from dealer position, but folded to $1500 bet from BB. Didn't seem worth it.
[2] Might have been worth a punt (for the straight) if it hadn't been raised ahead of me, but no.
[3] Folded immediately, but flop had a pair of jacks in it. No showdown. Ah well.
[4] Called initially, but flop missed so I junked it.
[5] Big blind, free flop. It came out in hearts, not diamonds, so junked again.
[6] Small blind, half-price flop. It missed again (more or less the same time as bopeepsheep made two pairs with an ace and four). The same player as in [5] bet again, so I folded. Perhaps I'm not adventurous enough?
[7] Didn't seem worth $1750 pre-flop. It was the same player betting yet again, but this time there was a showdown and he took it with a pair of fives; I'd have had nothing.
[8] A pocket pair of aces took it — I had been right to fold.
[9] This one had AJ fighting 77 in an all-in battle, and AJ took it because of a jack on the board. But the board had two kings, so I'd have had the best hand had I stayed in.
[10] Big blind, but it would have cost $1500 to see the flop. It was won by a pocket pair of threes matching one on the board. Board also had four hearts headed by AK, but neither of the players still in had a heart.
[11] Small blind, and I stayed in for the flop but it was rubbish as usual and the eventual winner had a straight flush.

How does anyone ever make any progress in this game?
Tags: wrgpt

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