Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Seven out of ten

So, the answers to that poll

I skipped the primary 3 year in school (now known as Year 2 in England and Wales). (100%)
True. This one was a gimme, especially given that I have school dates in my profile (assuming you know anything about the English school system, anyway). I could have been lying to you about the precise identity of the class I skipped, but that would have been sneaky. I didn't end up too out of place in age terms — if my birthday were six weeks earlier I'd have been in that class anyway.

The only "sport" I am any good at is ten-pin bowling. (30%)
False. I am in fact equally incompetent at all sports. I go bowling maybe once every couple of years, and every time I do I struggle to make over 90 (the maximum possible being 300).

The number of books I read in a year has been in single digits for several years running. (50%)
True, I'm afraid. The trouble is I do most of my reading on t'Internet (Usenet and LiveJournal) and I don't do much sitting on buses or in other places where a book would come in handy. If I'm not on the computer then there's always a mountain of housework to be done (not that any of it does get done, mind), and when I go to bed I go there to sleep, not to read.

I once queued for 45 minutes to get on a roller coaster but then ducked out at the last possible minute because I was too scared to go on. (100%)
True. I was 12 at the time and the roller coaster in question was the Loch Ness Monster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

I once went to Cedar Point and rode on the world's tallest (at that time) roller coaster. (70%)
True. I didn't fool many of you with these seemingly contradictory statements. I was "cured" of my aversion to roller coasters by a trip to Disneyland Paris in 1999. The following year I joined some friends on a road trip round some theme parks of Ohio and ending up at IndyLeap (Yes you're right, it's not actually on that page at the moment). At that time, Cedar Point had just put up their Millennium Force coaster. This is also the trip on which I drove a hire car in the USA for the first time and seriously dented the offside front wing by leaving the road and not quite managing to avoid a telegraph pole before stopping, not to mention running over a telephone junction box (when my friends tell this story it becomes "the time imc cut off a whole town's telephone system").

My favourite classical composer is J. S. Bach and I'm particularly fond of his cello suites and violin sonatas. (60%)
False. I'd be hard pressed to name a favourite composer, actually, though Bach would be among the candidates. If I had to save a single book of classical music it would probably be Rameau's collection of keyboard works. Anyway, the main point of this is that I don't actually like pieces for solo string instruments — I enjoy pretty much everything else that Bach wrote, but those ones leave me cold.

I don't "get" poetry that doesn't rhyme or scan. (80%)
True. If it has no structure then you might as well write it as prose. For the record, I also tend to skip over blocks of quoted song lyrics too.

I've been to the USA at least once a year since 1993, with two exceptions when I went to Germany instead. (60%)
True… um, actually, false on a technicality, but that was unintentional. I was invited to go to the third Rexx Symposium in 1992, but declined for reasons of inertia and being a poor student. They persuaded me in 1993 (even though I was still a poor student, though I managed to score a partial travel grant from my college) and I've been every year since. It was in Germany in 1997 and 2004, but in fact we did go to the USA in 2004 as well (to visit my aunt and uncle, and to go to GANBAP for those who know what that means), so the statement in the poll should have said "one exception" instead of two. Unfortunately this year looks like being the one to break the tradition.

The first time I ever left the country was on a family holiday to Italy when I was seven, escaping Britain's torrential downpours for glorious sunshine. It was so bright I ended up wearing dark glasses the whole time. (70%)
False. The first bit of it is true; the second bit is reversed, and the bit about dark glasses was entirely made up, sorry. If I tell you the Italy trip was in Summer, arithmetic will tell you that it took place in 1976, which Brits of a certain age will remember as the summer of glorious sunshine. The torrential downpours actually took place in Rimini, where we were staying, together with spectacular lightning and thunder. We have a photograph of a car parked under a bridge and visible only by the top of its roof above a flood of water. We did get a couple of days of sun at the end of the holiday, though.

I published three magazine articles before I was 18, and none since. (80%)
True. They were type-in programs for the ZX Spectrum, published in the main features section of Your Computer magazine. A game called "Terrapin" in March 1985, a turtle graphics utility in September 1985 and an Asteroids clone in November 1985. I don't remember doing anything since (though I did once get a letter in the Radio Times), and even though it was suggested that one chapter of my D. Phil thesis should be submitted for publication in a journal, I never did it.

And coming top with seven right answers is bopeepsheep. Honourable mention to pigglet27, atreic, idonotlikepeas and the_muttster who all chose six true answers and one false one.

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