Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger


1. It was tempting to try to steal the blinds, but I didn't want to end up unexpectedly in the game with 57, so I figured I was only $100 down and folded.

2. I decided I had to go for it. A few moments later I had new cards. The flop had gone 64287 with no more than two of any suit, so we both missed entirely. The other guy (same chap who had been handed the pot in scenario 1) had QTs so king-high took it. Result: $13250 to me (net $7325).

I've just folded a K5. I can afford to sit tight again for a while. :-)

Last time I was out on Jan 6th, so I've lasted longer. However, that time I came 559th and there are currently 736 players left.
Tags: wrgpt

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