Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
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A random collection of short updates

  1. I don't think I need one of these, but I signed up to send someone else a message, so baaaaa.
    My Valentinr - imc
  2. It's been a while, but while I'm doing memes: comment on this post and I'll tell you which of your icons is my favourite, or at least pick one at random…
  3. I fixed my third puncture in two days this morning, so I was half an hour late, grr. The first one was in the front and caused by a short headless tack. The second one was in the rear and despite my checking the tyre carefully before I put it back together I didn't find the tiny piece of glass embedded in it, which is what caused the third one barely ten minutes into my journey to work this morning. My rear tyre is wearing a bit thin; I'll probably get a new one tomorrow.
  4. Silly conversation the other week:
    J: Have we got a lottery ticket for today?
    Me: Yes
    J: Ah, I can read the property pages then.
    Sad to say, we are not moving house quite yet. The draw previous to that was irritating as our Dream Number matched digits 2, 3 and 4 but not 1. It's won four quid since then, but at the time it hadn't won anything since early December. Previously we had a number beginning with 7 (but we changed our main numbers and you don't get to choose your own Dream Number) and I calculated that that one would have won us £18 since the previous win for our current number. Still, anything could happen in the future…
  5. WRGPT has been good and bad since I last wrote anything about it. Bad mostly because I'm on the table that is currently the second slowest in the tournament and I've had mostly rubbish for the last two weeks, and good because I was for a brief moment the table leader. Since then I don't think I've placed any bets that weren't compulsory, but several other people have overtaken me, at least sometimes because of silly moves by people knocking themselves out.

    I folded a 76; the flop was AT954 which was quite close but no. Won by someone with T9 who went all-in against someone with AK.
    Q2: instafold
    J8: same; the hand was won by 87 vs 22 when the flop was 65443. Crazy, man. A third person later admitted to having had A2.
    52s: fold, and the flop wasn't my suit so it was a good fold.
    T9s: limped in but folded to an all-in bet pre-flop. All-in guy had AJ, caller had AQ. Board went KT762 and had three clubs in it, damnit.
    AJ: First hand on the new table, and it's a goer. I was first up after the blinds and stuck in a small raise, which prompted one person to go all-in and the rest to fold. I paid the mere $775 to see his cards, which were A4. The flop had four clubs in it, and my J and his 4 were clubs so I took it for a net of $4175. I don't think there's a "who did you knock out" page like there was last year, but if you were to look at it then you'd now see one name on it. :-)
    Q6: Big blind and free flop but I folded to the first bet. Would you believe, the turn was a 6 and the river a Q. The eventual winner had a 6 but only netted $3800.
    K5s: This was a good hand. The flop had two clubs (my suit), so I stuck in a small raise and was reraised by $4000. I paid up and the turn was the best possible card: Ac. I stuck in another $4000 and the bait was taken. On the turn I shoved my remaining $4425 in, but the other player folded. Bah. Still, $12400 is the most I've won so far.
    32, Q7, J8, 95s, 94s, 84, J4s, 42 (big blind), 84 (small blind): all folded right off the bat. The suited ones were tempting, but they wouldn't have won me anything had I stayed in so I think I did the right thing there. I could have done with some slightly better cards when the blinds got round to me, don't you think?

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