Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Another other server

So when our server broke a new one was ordered on the Friday. They didn't have one in stock, so apparently it had to come from Holland. This order was apparently received on Tuesday evening to be processed the next morning. However, on Thursday, Sun agreed to use the stock in the distribution channel rather than waiting for free stock in Sun's warehouse, and delivery was promised on Monday.

And indeed it did arrive on Monday (minus a SCSI card, which we eventually nicked from the dead server before sending it back, having been assured by Sun that it was unlikely to cause the fault to recur). When we booted it up, we got… a blank screen. But this turned out to be because the installed Solaris had been set to display only on the serial console, and as we're not actually going to be using Solaris we didn't bother to investigate any further.

We copied some disks, essentially swapping the Solaris system on the new server for our Linux system on the old server but without changing the physical hardware, and the machine was up and running by Tuesday afternoon. I copied about 35GB of linguistics data across our network and almost caused it to ground to a halt (oops).

Today, our replacement server arrived — again! Evidently they forgot to cancel the order from Holland.

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