Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

82nd place

Not-very amusing thing I saw on the way into work today: a lorry which was supposed to be black with white writing but was of course covered in dirt. Someone had selectively cleaned some of the letters and added some more, so it looked like this:
Web site:
Makes a change from "CLEAN ME", anyway.

And now update on my recent poker hands:

4h 7d: fold
8c 10s: ditto
Ah Jc: I called a $2000 raise to stay in. The flop paired my J so I bet $4000 and the other player folded. Net win $7800. (Now up to $32K.)
10d 7h: fold
Js Ks: I called a $6975 all-in raise to stay in but the flop missed (Ah 4c 2d) so when the next player bet 20K I folded. The other cards dealt were K4 (both hearts) and the winner had A6 (both clubs) so I wouldn't have won it by staying in. (Now back down to $23K.)
As 5h: Worth staying in for the flop, but it was 962 so not worth calling a $6325 all-in bet, or so I thought. The board ended up 98762; all-in guy had A3 (diamonds) while the winner had 76 (also diamonds) so theoretically I could have won that one.
Js Qh: Flop=T99 giving me a straight draw, so I shoved $4000 in and they all folded. Net win $4400 (so up slightly to $25K).
4d Kh: fold. If I'd known it would be the last hand of the round I might have stayed in, but then I'd have been facing KJ on a flop of QJT62 so it wouldn't have worked out.

Qd Js: First hand in the new round and I was the big blind. Someone stuck in $10K straight away and someone else called and put themselves all-in. I was glad I'd decided to call when the flop was T98, so I put in $8875 to take the other player all-in. One had JTs, the other had KK so I netted $35375 to end up with $60K, which I believe put me about 67th in the tournament.
7s Kc: Not so good, but I played the odds. I stayed in because I was the small blind. Flop=872, all clubs. Now, ignoring the possibility that someone has Ac I'm looking for any club, any 7 or any K to have a good chance of taking the pot, which is about 1 in 3.4 so I willingly paid the $2K into the $10K pot to see the next card: Ad (oops). But with odds of 1 in 3.3 it was still worth the $3K to see the last card: Qh. Oh well. It wasn't worth 3K to see if the other guy had anything better than a 7, so I didn't. This took me down to $53K and about 83rd place.
The next hands all folded: Ks 4h, Qh 4d, 2s 3h, Jc 4h, 6s Ad. That last one was after a $7100 raise by the previous player. The eventual board was 87722 so the guy with pocket jacks would still have won if I'd stayed in. So without doing much I've gone down to 97th.

News just in:
Ks 6h: Limped in; flop was 532 but I stuck $3000 in anyway and everyone folded. Net win of $8500, taking me back to $60K which appears to put me at 82nd.

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