Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

SKY on Radio 3?

I did wonder, when it was announced that the week's theme was the Terpsichore collection by Praetorius. Anyway, on Thursday I heard the name John Williams mentioned, but I must have been phoned up at an inopportune moment because I don't remember hearing the actual music. So I looked it up, and there's even a Listen Again link at the top (CD Masters wasn't available on Listen Again last time I looked, unless I didn't look properly). And yes, the Ballet-Volta track from SKY2 was played (complete with a remark about the "lengthy rock symphony" that featured on SKY's first LP — you could hear the eyebrow being raised).

In other news: Fire!  Went last night at 7pm to be joined by bopeepsheep and smallclanger, featuring a chance meeting with scat0324 with wife and child and a brief hello to elleblue who made it just before I had to depart for a choir practice. When I emerged, the latter had apparently disappeared off to chase Elijah Wood. When the rest of my family went home I said I'd have another 10-minute wander before heading back and by chance managed to bump into addedentry and j4, who had news of the imminent arrival of taimatsu and her goodqueenmolly. Sadly, since I'd already agreed to be heading back home at that point, I didn't really have time to say anything more than "hello-goodbye" (but then, me being a talkative sort of chap, I frequently go to meets where that's the only thing I say all day). But still, it was quite the social gathering point.

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