Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Win some, lose some

3s Qd (BB): fold to a $3K raise. Flop was KJ9, no showdown.
3c Qh (SB): Looks a bit familiar! Fold to $6000 raise, and so did everyone else.
Ac Qd: Call (should probably have raised). Flop: 4c Jc 4s. Raise $5000 and everyone folds. Net win $12500, taking me to $67325 and 65th place.
Jd 9h: Call. Next player raised $9425 all-in. I thought what the heck, but he had a pair of jacks and unsurprisingly the flop failed to provide either the 99 or the KQT that would have saved me. Back down to $54400.
2h 9h: Fold. No showdown, but flop had three diamonds so it was a good fold.
8s 5c: Fold. Four people checked their way to the bitter end, taking three days in the process, to a flop of 5d 8h Ks 5s 10d which didn't help a single one of them so the player with AJ took it. Rather irritated about the 5s and 8s.
Jd 3s: Fold. This one's still in progress (as we wait for the three players to check to the end) but the board is AJJ9 which is equally sick-making.

I'm currently 96th out of 176.
Tags: wrgpt

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