Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

I might as well tell you this

I had a dream in the middle of last week which I remembered unusually well. I was in a quiz show, and the quiz master said "a point for someone who can tell a story about maples". So I said something like this:
There was this man who had to do a project on "the fruit of the maple tree". So he got out some reference books and looked on the Internet, but as soon as he started doing his research he began feeling queasy, and didn't feel better until he ate his lunch, which was a meat pie. The same thing happened the next day. So on the third day he ate the pie while he did his research, and he felt fine. When he mentioned this to the doctor, the doctor said "Oh, that's quite common actually. We call it ‘see maples and pie.’"
You probably had to be there (in the dream) to appreciate this. :-)

A bit later I dreamt I was at a school dinner where the main course was (slices of) meat pie, but for some reason the children playing under the table had taken some of the dinners away and we were waiting for them to give them back. When the dinner ladies came to take the plates away they said "Have you finished" and I had to say "No, I've not even started yet".

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