Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Productive day

Today, I have
  • taken smallclanger to Sunday School and handed him over to his mummy on the way back for a couple of hours of Clanger-free house;
  • told the storage company we want to empty our room (and stop paying them an arm and a leg) by next week;
  • washed two curtains (individually — they're quite big), hung them up on the line to dry, and rehung them without all those broken curtain hooks;
  • painted the soffit board at the front of the house with two coats of Dulux Weathershield;
  • mowed the back lawn;
  • attacked the front lawn, although the strimmer was getting tired;
  • plugged the strimmer charger in;
  • picked up a bag's worth of twigs and branches for the council collection tomorrow morning;
  • eaten tuna sandwiches for lunch and pasta with bolognese sauce for dinner, and too much of a tube of Pringles and a bit of the Easter chocolate stash;
  • folded another mediocre hand in the WRGPT (there are only 88 players left in it now, though, and I'm currently 39th);
  • watched the slightly bizarre, slightly corny and slightly interesting Sky at Night 50th anniversary programme from a couple of weeks ago;
  • compiled a more recent Linux kernel only for it to run out of space at the last step causing me to start it all again with a different tmpdir.
smallclanger is back at nursery school tomorrow (I bet that's the day he stops waking up at 7am). I have booked the week off work for more house maintenance jobs, so maybe when the gas engineer shows up next week for a routine boiler service there will actually be a path to the gas fire.

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