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addedentry Invariants
beingjdc IRL: an - no idea which one
bopeepsheep umtm, then aot and IRL: at my front door, 2001-08-01
buzzy_bee LJ - never met IRL
ewx oxbridge.tat. IRL: a tatmeet <= 1998
fivemack Invariants
gjm rast-ql. IRL: at the Dean Party in Telford, 1998-03-07
j4 IRL: when I journeyed to Pembroke in search of a cup of tea and the Chairman's game (only the former actually happened), circa 1997
jiggery_pokery Invariants
k425 LJ - never met IRL
youngbloke see k425
lnr IRL: an, probably at the Angel&Greyhound Meadow - no idea when
nou IRL: an
popsock umtm, years ago - never met IRL
rejs IRL: an
scat0324 IRL: an
simon_cozens see j4
sion_a oxbridge.tat. IRL: a tatmeet at the Pickerel(?) near Magdalene Bridge, 2000-02-26
smallclanger in the John Radcliffe, some time during the next few days
taimatsu IRL: shortly before getting on the X5 to the tatmeet, 2000-02-26
zorac Invariants

Some people whom I know I have met, but haven't yet made it to my LJ friends for one reason or another:

dreamingchristi At Hobbes Pavilion during the tatmeet of 2000-02-26
fanf oxbridge.tat. IRL: at Relativity (probably) during the tatmeet of 2000-02-26
julietk IRL: an, probably at the Radcliffe Arms.
jvvw Invariants
lusercop Probably at Selwyn College. If not, then at a tatmeet <= 1998
pookalso I think at the King's Arms during bopeepsheep's leaving-the-Bod party, 2001-08-31
pto452 In j4's driveway, 2003-05-02
simont At the Carlton during j4's birthday party, 2003-05-02 (although "saw" rather than "met" may be more appropriate)
soubrette cam.misc. IRL: the Castle during an AFP meet, 2000-04-15
sweh At lectures, probably - 1987-10 or thereabouts
uon IRL: at an
womble2 IRL: possibly when I went to Hack to borrow a Zip drive, 1998-01-25

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