Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Icons and interests meme

In this exercise, you comment on this post and I pick three of your userpics and three of your interests, and you get to explain them. Meanwhile, I explain the userpics and interests that were chosen by idonotlikepeas. They were:

[drawing] A long time ago there was a self-portrait meme and this was the second attempt at it [last comment on the entry]. I don't have a specific purpose for this icon these days.
[doggy] A little rattly dog — one of the first cuddly toys that smallclanger ever owned (we acquired it well before he was born, along with a similar rattly rabbit), and something that just happened to be to hand when I was looking for things to make icons out of when I started using this LiveJournal account. Used to be used a lot for posts about smallclanger.
[rainbow] Another thing I did when looking for icons was look at random pictures I'd recently taken (pooh and piglet also fall into this category, since I had lots of pictures of the nursery we had just decorated) and this rainbow, taken from just outside my front door, was one of them. I'm not quite sure what my usage pattern for this icon is, but it still pops up occasionally. If I ever post about the weather, it's a gimme.

big brother — for anyone who has been on Mars the last six years or so, it's a TV game show in which the contestants are locked up in a house and filmed 24 hours a day until they are voted out (or, in some cases, decide to walk out or break out). I'm afraid I'm an incurable voyeur and was more or less hooked from day one. I actually sent in an application for the second series, though didn't get anywhere with it. These days, as with anything, the format is getting a bit tired and it's not as good as it used to be. I still won't be able to stop myself watching, though. I've really only ever seen the UK version, though I did see a tiny bit of the US series one year.

ocul — by which I expect you mean oucl. It's where I work.

uk.religion.christian — Before LiveJournal and AIM and all that nonsense there was (and still is) this thing called USENET, or netnews, which is like a bulletin board or chat room but much better. I started netnews with Oxford University's internal newsgroups for undergraduates in 1988 and graduated to worldwide newsgroups in 1991. I came very late to ukrc (April 2000 if I remember correctly) and I can't remember quite what I was looking for, but I found it full of very interesting discussions although I didn't have time to read all of it. Ukrc taught me that Christianity doesn't require you to be ultra-conservative or evangelical or to believe in the fiery pits of hell. It's quite a friendly newsgroup in general, partly because of the "no personal abuse" moderation policy, although it does sometimes get bogged down in heated arguments between the fundies and the liberals. I have been to several ukrc meets, one of which was arranged (not specifically at my request) in Oxford specially so that a heavily pregnant bopeepsheep didn't have to travel far to get there. Alas it's been a couple of years since I last read the newsgroup with any degree of regularity; I think it got "swapped out" when I started using LiveJournal, as I don't seem to have enough time to do everything. Almost a year ago now, one of the top five posters in the newsgroup "deconverted" and became an atheist. I found that thread by accident and downloaded the whole thing into my private news server. I read some of it towards the end of last year and it's very interesting, but I still have about 1,000 articles to read.


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