Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger


Earlier this year I enabled screened anonymous commenting on my journal. Since then I've had (at least) four spam comments trickle in, which I've deleted as spam (though I don't suppose LJ Abuse can actually do anything about anonymous spam). Most of them don't even advertise anything; one was titled "tramadol on pharmacy website" but didn't actually think to mention the web site. Why do they bother?

What amuses me, though, is that they are tending to spam very old entries. I've just received a third anonymous comment to a December 2005 entry. The other spam was on a relatively new February 2007 entry, but it was only posted last week. It's not as if I never post public entries — is there a very old "Spammers' archive of public LiveJournal postings" somewhere?

In other spam news, a London-based entity calling itself sent me four identical copies of a 235-word email last night. (I remind readers that unsolicited commercial email from an EU company to an individual within the EU is illegal under European law, and this law is on the UK statute books although I'm too lazy to go and look it up just now. Not that this is in any way enforceable, and I doubt the police would be interested.) Of course, the email had two fairly undeniable punctuation errors and two stylistic errors in it…

Late edit (30 May): One has come in targeting another February 2007 entry. This entry is notable for the fact that I apparently like reminding readers that spam is illegal in the UK, although that time I actually found the link to the law in question.

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