Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Another party game

I forgot one of last weekend's games. A medium-format version of Jenga, allegedly for playing out in the garden (although we just used it indoors). I believe it was called Jamanca, or something like that. There were two problems with it. Firstly, it was supposed to come with a coloured die, and that was missing along with five of the bricks. (It has now been exchanged and it turns out our hosts were sold the demonstration pack — the missing pieces had been taken out of the box to put on display!) And secondly, the pieces were made of (or at least covered with) a dense foam of the same kind sometimes used for large floor puzzles, and textured to look like wood. This meant that they weren't at all slippy, so the tower didn't tend to stay upright very long — it was a mild surprise that no one pulled it over on their very first go.

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