Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

GIP of sorts

A while ago, idonotlikepeas wrote:
Comment on this post. I will choose seven userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.
And he selected the following icons.

This one is an avatar made at some time ago. The only cartoon-me I've ever made and turned into an icon. It does look a bit like me, though I'm not as stylish or fresh-faced. I don't have a specific use for it but sometimes select it instead of posting with my default icon.

This is a trn thread diagram. In an earlier post about interests and icons, I mentioned Usenet. Trn is a newsreader from a long tradition, but the thread diagram still to my mind represents the state of the art in navigating through the many posts in a discussion, and it's something I make sure to install on a new machine when I start using it. I haven't used this icon very often, but it's likely to appear in comments which mention Usenet or complicated threaded discussions (*glares at LiveJournal's collapsed threads*).

I decided I wanted an icon for talking about television programmes, and at least a couple of people have already got an Evil Edna icon [see: Willo the Wisp] so I grabbed this one from the menu sequence of one of our Charlie and Lola DVDs.

This one is for congratulating people and is named after one of bekijane's icons. It was laboriously created by screencapping the output of the program "pyro" which comes with xscreensaver. (These days xscreensaver also has "fireworkx" which is more realistic, but that wasn't available when I made the icon.)

I explained this before. :-p

I am possibly not as much of a board game geek as jiggery_pokery, but nevertheless we had several that we liked to play as a family when I was growing up, and I still like a good game when I have the time and people to play it with. Fortunately I do know other people of a like persuasion although some of them live a fair way away. Anyway, for talking about games I have this icon which is a photograph of a pile of games (variously owned by bopeepsheep and me) sitting atop a bookcase in my bedroom. In the picture are: Mhing (card game), Triple Yahtzee, United Kingdom 500-piece jigsaw, another 500-piece jigsaw from an Alfred Morgan painting, Trivial Pursuit 1980s edition, Rubik's Zigzaw Puzzle, Discworld Mapp 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, Monopoly (classic), Monopoly Oxford Edition (just visible at the bottom), Let's Play Buy Hollywood (just visible at the top), Scrabble, Cluedo, Seafarers of Catan, Cities & Knights of Catan (both extensions of Settlers), a Mah Jongg set, Who Sang That? quiz jigsaw puzzle, Cloister Games mediaeval board game set, Wide World, and Soul Music 1000-piece jigsaw.

I forget exactly why I needed this, but it may have been for posting about fast food and is still used for food-related posts. I think the number of times I have entered Subway without ordering a meatball sub can be counted on the thumbs of both hands, and in fact I stole this picture from their web site (please don't tell).
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