Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

BANG, continued

In other news:

At probably about something to nine last night, I'd just got smallclanger in bed and he'd promptly got up again complaining he couldn't sleep if I recall correctly. Someone let off a cake on the grassy area at the front of our block of houses. Of course this prompted smallclanger to complain that that was what was keeping him awake, and to roll up his blind to try to see it (although his room is at the back). Since I was dealing with that, I wasn't in a position to rush out and shout "FFS it's not fireworks night, it's the middle of freaking October and children are trying to go to bed".

This evening at about 8.30 I had been singing in a commemoration of Charles Wesley's tercentenary and had nearly arrived home on my bike when someone let off another one. No child to deal with this time, but it ran out before I came round the last corner and whoever it was had already abandoned the smoking remains by the time I arrived (and I bet it's still out there on the grass tomorrow morning).

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