Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger


1. The transport poll which I did ages ago was in fact meant to be about a well-known Flanders and Swann song. I should really do a new poll, but I haven't so comment if you would have answered differently in light of this new information.

2. The cake poll was posted after I saw someone do that last one and yes, I ate a slice of cake with a hint of quiche. This took place in a kitchen with a working sink and drawers containing various utensils. The "lick" option in the poll was the obvious troll answer.

3. A couple of weeks ago when I went into Tesco there were people at the entrance handing out things. I took one; it turned out to be a 11-gram bar of chocolate and a leaflet which promised a chance of winning a hamper if I held it under the red decoder at the kiosk outside. By squinting at it I could see that it said "Sorry you have not won today" so I didn't bother. And I didn't want to eat the chocolate actually in the store so I put it in my pocket for later. It took me a short while to realise where I recognised the name of the brand from: Canderel, the brand of sugar substitute. I rediscovered this in my pocket the other day and ate it. It wasn't disgusting, but it did have an aftertaste of aspartame and was by no means the best chocolate in the world. And that's when I posted the ingredients. In answer to Kake: they appear to have a FAQ and no, it's not recommended for diabetics. I'm not sure what it is suitable for, actually, because the relevant figures for a weight loss diet are, per 100g: Fat 31g, calories 445. Cadbury's milk chocolate, by comparison has 29.9g and 525 respectively. So Canderel Silky has slightly over 90% of the WW points that Cadbury's has.

4. BANG, continued. 8.20pm: one cake. Two white blokes, and I think I know where they live. 9.30pm: two cakes and about half a dozen identical individual rockets. At least one of the same blokes, plus someone else with two small children in tow who really ought to have been in bed by that time. The two cakes were at least picked up and taken away this time, though.

5. An extra unrelated item: the description of today's Big Cook, Little Cook says: "The Queen of Hearts comes in to the café. Big Cook Ben and Little Cook Small make her some jam tarts." Now, if there's one thing we know about the Queen of Hearts it's that she knows how to make her own tarts, so you'd think she would be glad of something a bit more exotic.

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