Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Dear Lazyweb: video editing

The other thing I'd quite like to know today concerns .m2v files. These are MPEG2 video files suitable for input to "mplex -f 8" and subsequently "dvdauthor", although what the actual file format is I wouldn't like to say. My Linux machine has these things installed: mencoder, ffmpeg, transcode and mjpegtools, and they all seem to do similar jobs slightly differently, which is confusing. So does anyone know…

1. What's the best way to animate a bunch of .png files into a .m2v file?
2. How do you split a .m2v file at a particular point?
3. How do you join two .m2v files together?
4. Is there any decent free video editing software for Linux?

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