Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

On a lighter note: the results…

In roughly alphabetical order:

afuna: dedication to helping others despite recent hardships in her life is incredible.
bopeepsheep: you seem to knit the most colourful and pretty things.
clarkger: because she Always Gets it Done.
dawna: I think you are a great mom and always try to do what's right by your children.
geekette8 and k425: They are both lovely, and not just for the obvious reasons.
idonotlikepeas has one of the best LiveJournal names ever.
imc: for being optimistic.*
imc: I'd like to compliment you, because I think you're a fab dad.
juggzy: you're lovely and a great teacher and you make the world a nicer place.
k425 (see under geekette8)
mzdt: for being a good friend to friends in need.

There were two others: one was for idonotlikepeas and afuna which came without any specifics. The other said:
you are just *awesome*. everything you do, everything you put up with - and you're still always smiling <3
(It certainly wasn't for me, and I think it applies best to coffeechica, but if you think it's you then feel free to bask in the glow).

e: The author of that last one has now clarified: "it's for afuna and coffeechica mostly, but really to everyone who spends time on Support." So I wasn't far off. :-)

Thank you all for your participation. (And you'll never know whether I made the whole thing up. (-:)

* That was before the car crash, obviously…

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