Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Who wrote this?

I was made slightly curious by the fact that the person¹ who wrote (in 1993)² the music for Sunday's anthem at Wesley Mem didn't record where the words came from.
Bring not a crown to wear upon his head so fair;
He needs no gold upon his shining hair.
Place not a sceptre in his hands;
This babe no glory understands,
Nor shall he reign o’er earthly lands.

Bring not your incense sweet to lay before his feet,
For thrones shall pass and kingly joys are fleet.
Greet not this babe in homage deep,
Let no praise break upon his sleep.
Like guarding angels, silence keep.

Bring him your hearts alone, to God such gifts are known.
The poor and meek the Father calls His own.
Only your love and service bring;
At gifts so sweet the Heavens ring.
O enter now and greet your King!
Oddly, Google has one more hit for this now than it a couple of days ago, and it suggests there's a version by Harold Friedel, although publishers of Friedel's music don't list it. So if he did write one, this doesn't tell me whether he wrote the words too or got them from somewhere else.

¹A former organ scholar of New College, I believe, who directed the choir until he emigrated to New Zealand.
²We did sing it then but I don't think we have done since.

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