Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger


Last week smallclanger went to the dentist. He's a very friendly dentist (who asked after SC's mum because he still has a treatment plan for her and keeps the casts in his bottom drawer), and SC seemed perfectly happy with the whole thing. However, the dentist says he wants to do a filling. I hope it's not too bad, as I don't want SC to end up with dentist-phobia for life.

Anyway, when it was all finished the assistant let SC choose two stickers from a big stack which they presumably keep on hand to mollify small children who visit. They were square Disney stickers — one was Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story but I forget what the other one was. On the backing paper it says:
This product is intended solely for non-commercial home use. No license has been granted to apply this product to decorate articles which will thereafter be sold. Any such use is an infringement of the copyright in the characters portrayed and is specifically prohibited.
Now I can imagine there would be trademark issues if you stuck it on something and tried to pass it off as official Disney merchandise, but copyright infringement? Surely you can't infringe copyright if you didn't actually copy anything?

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