Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

And the result is…

Out of the WRGPT in the early hours of Jan 8th; 762 players left in the tournament (out of roughly 1200). Two years ago I was out on Jan 6th but finished 559th out of 1286, so this time I lasted longer but came out with a worse result, and in addition didn't even come close to knocking anyone out. Last year I lasted until May and came a very creditable 49th in the whole tournament. However, I think I did still last longer than most people I know (although unusually oldbloke is still in).

I think it has been somewhat unkind to me this year. My cards haven't been too bad; they just didn't hit the flop, or the other player managed a lucky draw. The hand that was auto-folded for me while I was away was Q8s. I'm not sure I would have had the guts to go all-in before the flop (as I'd have had to) with that, but the flop turned out to be 86Q which would have been one of the best matches I've had all tournament. The very next hand I decided to fold an A7s because of bad position (second under the gun) and in the end it checked right through to Big Blind and the flop was 7937 (I'm not sure how both BB and SB managed to check directly through to the turn and then stop without an intervening betting round, but we got four cards at once).

And the next hand was AJo which I called to a flop of 9JK and the Big Blind bet out. I then had a choice of either go all-in to a probable pair of kings, thus needing either an ace or another jack to win it (five outs from two draws — about 20% chance) or fold and then have to go all-in to pay the big blind on the very next hand (probability of having the best hand at the table of nine players: 11%; perhaps a bit more if someone folds early on what turns out to be the best hand). Well I didn't get my card, and just to rub it in the other player produced a 9 to go with his K.

Total hands played: 36 (quite rubbish really)
Hands folded at first opportunity: 25
Hands won: 2
Hands lost at showdown: 4 (I think I played three of these correctly)
Total hands that went to showdown: 14
Folded hands that would have won at showdown: 1
Folded hands that would have matched the flop: 4
Tags: wrgpt

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